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There are three easy steps to the logistics of fair day implementation

Scanner Kit for College Fair Automation Administrators

1) Distribute Scanners

Distribute each college/university scanner(s) in individually packaged and labeled boxes. Each box contains User Instruction cards to make use of the system clear to admissions reps, including a test barcode so the reps get comfortable with how the system looks when it is working. Each scanner box is labeled alphabetically and numerically by college/university to make administration simple. Individuals administering the system on site can reference the provided Instruction Sheet and use the Control Sheet to keep track of the scanners as they are distributed.

2) Collect Scanners

Collect the scanners from each of the colleges/universities at the end of the fair. Use the provided Control Sheet to keep track of the of the scanners as they are collected. Do not be concerned with the order in which the scanners are placed back into the white boxes. Once collected, place the control sheet in one of the white boxes.

3) Return Scanners

Using the original packaging and the provided return shipping label(s) place the white carry boxes into the brown shipping boxes and ship return via Federal Express.

System Administration FAQ's

What do I do if someone’s scanner is not working?

Replace it with a spare scanner provided. Be sure to complete the school/contact information on the Inventory Control Sheet.

Can exhibitors order extra scanners on-site? How do I handle that?

Yes, however they will need to be given a spare scanner, so on-site additions should be limited to allow at least a few remaining spares to be kept for potential hardware problems. Handle same as replacing a non-working scanner, provide a spare and complete the control sheet information. These add-ons will be added to the associations overall quantity count and billed accordingly.

What happens if a scanner is lost/stolen?

Just mark lost/stolen in the returned section of the control sheet. There is a $250 replacement cost for lost/stolen scanners.

How/when do the exhibitors receive the student information?

They receive the information via email (to the email address on the control sheet) within 48hrs of the shipping return of the scanners.

What data do the exhibitors receive and in what format?

They receive all of the information that is collected on the registration web site. The information is given in both .xls and .csv format.

What do exhibitors do if they do not receive the emailed student information?

They should contact TRC at (888) 601-0200 and select option 2 for College Fair Automation.

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