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How do students register?

Students will register via a link on your website: See Example

Will all the students have bar codes?

High School counselors have proven exceptional in relaying the importance of pre-registration. Since this system has been in place for a few years with the major national fairs, counselors are developing the habit of pre-registration with their students. Of course, students are still kids, and there will always be those who don’t register beforehand. Select venues will offer kiosks to register on-site.

Will college admissions representatives receive information on all the students who pre-registered or only those who visit their table?

As with the collection of cards, the scanned data is exclusive to those students who visit the table. This provides the most appropriate list of leads.

How and when will colleges obtain the scanner?

Scanners can be picked up from a designated location at the fair venue and returned to the same location at the conclusion of the event.

How and when will colleges receive the information they collected in the scanner?

Within 2-3 days after the fair, college representatives will receive an excel spreadsheet with all the student data they collected. See Example

What information is included in the student registration form?

See a sample of the student registration form here: This registration page can be customized to include or exclude any information.

How can we utilize this solution for multiple fairs?

Your registration page can support multiple fairs and multiple locations. See Example

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