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College Fair Automation Services

Student Registration Options:

Option A: Students register at www.gotocollegefairs.com, our universal website. This registration page offers a comprehensive form for students to build a profile for colleges to review. Listing on this site is $450.

Option B: CFA can build a custom website for your student registration. Includes customer/sponsor logos and/or web links. This site starts at $2500. Carefully consider whether this is the right option for you. Most college fair producing entities find the universal website to be more than adequate.

Scanner Rental Options: Scanners over 10,000 student scans

Option A: Include the scanners in your registration for the fair. This will save your exhibitors time and money. We will offer the scanners to you at a rate of $65 per day. Including the scanners in your fair registration helps your exhibitors eliminate the red tape of an add-on expense. This allows all colleges to have a scanner and take full advantage of the benefits.

Option B: Offer the scanners to your colleges on an opt-in, opt-out basis. We will build a website where your colleges can order the scanners for $65 per day plus $25 round trip shipping. A total of $90 per scanner, per day. In this scenario, it is critical that you support the efforts to communicate to the colleges the scanner availability.

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