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What College Fair Associations are Saying...

"As the leading college fair series in the country, the volume of colleges and students we serve is very high, so we are thrilled to simplify the exchange of information between admissions professionals and students attending the fairs. Over the years it has proved to be a valuable time saver on both sides of the table. We hear repeatedly how thankful admissions reps and students are to have this system in place."

Greg Ferguson, Director of National College Fairs, National Association for College Admission Counseling (NACAC)

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What Colleges/Universities are Saying...

"Wow, what a great tool to gather student information! Seattle Pacific University’s first encounter using this device was in Spring 2008 at the HACAC (Hawaiian Association of College Admission Counseling) fair. At first, I thought it may be a little impersonal but quickly realized the scanner allowed my conversations with students to be more meaningful and last longer. I was more efficient during the fair and adding the student’s data to our database was simple. The scanner was very helpful. We will definitely use the scanner whenever possible!"

Jamie M. Mondejar, Office Coordinator, Seattle Pacific University

"What positive results we enjoyed by using the automated data collection system at the Pittsburgh National Fair last week! The information was obviously quick and easy for students and vendors alike. I just received the collected info files, and the data is easy to view and separate. Perhaps most importantly, it is LEGIBLE."

"I have spoken with other colleagues who have used the scanner program, and we are of the opinion the technology allows for more meaningful contact/conversation with prospective students who don’t have to waste time filling out contact cards in written form. And the elimination of errors resulting from illegible handwriting is invaluable."

Philip G. Berry, Admissions Representative, Penn College

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